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  • Conservative elected Guatemalan president

    BBC NewsAlejandro Giammattei says he wants to make changes to a controversial migration deal with the US.
    8/12/2019 8:50:10 AM
  • Hong Kong airport cancels flights over protests

    BBC NewsThe busy international hub cancels flights as anti-government protests there enter a fourth day.
    8/12/2019 8:50:11 AM
  • "JUST IN: All flights departing Hong Kong have been canceled after thousands of demonstrators packed the airport on Monday. Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest in the world, and the cancellations will have major repercussions both regionally and globally."

  • "The news fuels speculation ministers are preparing for an early general election."

  • "Cum au PICAT negocierile cu Toni Conceicao și ce variantă are Gigi Becali pentru banca celor de la FCSB: "Care e problema?" ----->"

  • "Ilie Dumitrescu are un mesaj TRANȘANT pentru Gigi Becali ----->"

  • "Digi24 Trafic cu minore la Caracal. Victimă: Printre clienţi erau şi poliţişti -----"

  • "Răsturnare spectaculoasă de situație la Real Madrid ---->"

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