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  • This weekend, the steps of an NYC park will be transformed from gray granite to the city's largest pride flag cnn.it/2RbYISD
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  • "Loredana Chivu a ieșit fără sutien din casă! S-a văzut tot ----> https://bit.ly/2ZjJpdy"

  • "Localised flooding is affecting parts of Lincolnshire. This is the River Steeping at Thorpe St Peter near Skegness. Get the latest updates: https://bbc.in/2Rd2g76"

  • "Video viral ---> https://bit.ly/2ZhU9cg"

  • "Craig Hicks was not charged with hate crimes, despite the victims' families insisting they were targeted for their religion."

  • "Grindină mai mare ca oul de găină. Parbrize ciuruite, case distruse, pagube uriașe ----> https://bit.ly/2KIHjA1"

  • "Super provocare cu Muller, Hummels si Zverev! Noua senzatie din tenis i-a testat pe jucatorii lui Bayern Munchen! Cum s-au descurcat! FOTO + VIDEO ---> https://bit.ly/2Zojj9u"

  • "CIAO | Brigitte si Pastrama PLEACA din Romania! Cei doi s-au hotarat recent! http://bit.ly/2IcIl5t Anuntul a fost facut ieri. Ce se intampla: http://bit.ly/2IcIl5t"

  • "Fetele care au vrut să ajungă vedete pe Instagram, taxate aspru de internauți -> http://bit.ly/2X7WA3O"

  • ""Brendt Christensen killed Yingying Zhang," Christensen's attorney said during his opening statement in the trial"

  • "The St. Louis Blues won their first Stanley Cup in their 52-year history after defeating the Boston Bruins 4-1 in Game 7"

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