• It’s Bigger Than Mueller and Trump

    Trumpism follows a historical pattern: Whenever black people make progress, white people respond forcefully.
    3/24/2019 11:54:58 PM
  • Democratic Presidential Candidates Call for the Release of Mueller’s Full Report

    The candidates said Attorney General William P. Barr’s summary of the special counsel’s investigation was inadequate.
    3/24/2019 11:34:28 PM
  • No Collusion, No ‘Exoneration’

    A Trump-friendly attorney general’s letter doesn’t do justice to the special counsel’s investigation. Release his whole report.
    3/24/2019 11:26:14 PM
  • The Many Problems With the Barr Letter

    By unilaterally concluding that Trump did not obstruct justice, the attorney general has made it imperative that the public see the Mueller report.
    3/24/2019 11:16:00 PM
  • Streaming Movie Review: ‘The Dirt’ Review: A Badly Bewigged Bummer

    Based on the tell-all book about “Mötley Crüe,” this film adaptation sands down the source material into a junior varsity “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
    3/24/2019 11:05:45 PM
  • What to Cook: What to Cook This Week

    Practice your warm-weather cooking: Start with Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest, a baked paella with chorizo and shrimp, and go straight into a big salad.
    3/24/2019 11:05:45 PM
  • Maya Turovskaya, Russian Critic and Documentarian, Dies at 94

    Called “the Susan Sontag of Soviet aesthetic thought,” she wrote about movies and theater and helped make a film that drew parallels between Nazism and Stalin.
    3/24/2019 11:05:45 PM
  • How an Owner With Deep Roots Lured Bryce Harper to Lay Down His Own

    “I approach my job as a fan first,” said John Middleton, the Pennsylvania native who gave Harper a 13-year contract in a quest to make the Phillies a model franchise.
    3/24/2019 11:05:45 PM
  • books territory: Putting Literary Miami on the Map

    “I knew that there was a sophistication here,” said Mitchell Kaplan, the owner of Books & Books, “because I witnessed what people were reading.”
    3/24/2019 11:05:44 PM
  • Rob Gronkowski Retires From N.F.L. With Instagram Post

    The Patriots’ dominant tight end, known for his combination of size and speed, played a key part in Super Bowl LIII.
    3/24/2019 11:05:44 PM
  • Netanyahu Lands in U.S., but New Scandal Could Mar His Big Moment

    With the Israeli election weeks away, Netanyahu’s trip to Washington was supposed to show off his statesmanship. A scandal followed him here.
    3/24/2019 10:45:14 PM
  • China Pledges Openness in Hopes of Reaching a Trade Deal

    Top Chinese officials, looking at a skeptical audience both at home and abroad, pledge to open the country’s markets to foreign investment.
    3/24/2019 10:35:00 PM
  • Big City: Stop Fixating on One Elite High School. There Are Bigger Problems.

    Exclusive options in public education, like Stuyvesant High School, will never lead the way to a fairer America.
    3/24/2019 10:35:00 PM
  • N.C.A.A. Tournament: Tennessee Survives in Overtime

    The Volunteers let a 25-point first-half lead slip away, but a dominant performance in overtime by Grant Williams secured a spot in the South Region semifinals.
    3/24/2019 10:34:59 PM
  • Women Becoming Marines: ‘I’ Will No Longer Be in Your Vocabulary

    Women make up 8 percent of U.S. Marines. The military base at Parris Island, S.C., is where these women train.
    3/24/2019 10:34:59 PM
  • Hamas Crackdown on Gaza Protests Instills Fear

    When protests erupted across Gaza to protest tax increases and demand better living conditions, Hamas responded by beating demonstrators and detaining 1,000 people.
    3/24/2019 10:14:29 PM
  • A Deadly Blaze in the Alps Made a Biker a Hero and Tunnels Safer for All

    Two decades ago, 39 people died inside the Mont Blanc Tunnel in a fire so horrific it changed safety standards forever. The truth eventually caught up to the legend of a man who rushed in.
    3/24/2019 10:04:14 PM
  • An Artist on Finding Balance, and His Giant Basketball Sculpture

    Ahead of two major shows, the painter Jonas Wood reflects on his early career — and the most unusual object in his studio.
    3/24/2019 10:04:14 PM
  • Officer Shoots a Half-Naked Man Who Was Setting a Car on Fire, Police Say

    The man was wearing only a shirt when he was shot in the arm near a Queens police precinct. He is expected to survive, the authorities said.
    3/24/2019 9:56:02 PM
  • In Thai Elections, Military Party Takes the Lead, Upending Polls

    The populist party that most polls had forecast to win was in second place behind the military’s proxy party, likely cementing the army’s status as the country’s dominant political force.
    3/24/2019 9:56:02 PM
  • Trump’s Pointless Provocation on the Golan

    There was no need to call for recognizing Israel’s annexation of the Syrian territory.
    3/24/2019 9:25:15 PM
  • 3/24/2019 7:34:29 PM
  • ‘Us’ Opens as an Even Bigger Horror Hit for Jordan Peele

    The director’s latest film was No. 1 at the domestic box office, earning around $70.3 million — more than double the initial take for his debut, “Get Out.”
    3/24/2019 7:24:14 PM
  • Barr to Deliver Mueller’s Key Findings to Lawmakers Today

    The attorney general will release the main findings of the closely watched investigation into Russia’s election interference and whether Trump associates conspired.
    3/24/2019 7:24:14 PM
  • Live Briefing: Mueller Report Live Updates: Awaiting the Summary’s Release

    The attorney general, William Barr, and his team are preparing a summary of the special counsel’s report for Congress.
    3/24/2019 6:45:16 PM
  • Anita Silvers, an Authority on Disability Rights, Dies at 78

    A well-regarded philosophy professor, Dr. Silvers knew the subject firsthand, having had polio as a child.
    3/24/2019 6:04:16 PM
  • Parkland Grieves Again After Two Apparent Teenage Suicides

    On Saturday, for the second time in a week, a young person who attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the mass shooting in February 2018 was found dead in an apparent suicide.
    3/24/2019 6:04:15 PM
  • ‘A State of Emergency’: Native Americans Stranded for Days by Flooding

    On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, extreme weather and bad roads have left some residents stranded for nearly two weeks with limited food and water.
    3/24/2019 5:35:34 PM
  • ‘It’s Time to Break the Chains.’ Algerians Seek a Revolution.

    The demonstrations in Algeria have grown larger every week and now seem unstoppable. The protesters demand the ouster of not only President Bouteflika, but his entire system.
    3/24/2019 5:15:01 PM
  • Wi-Fi on Planes? A ‘Disaster,’ Says Bernard-Henri Lévy.

    For a new one-man show, the French philosopher is traveling to 22 European cities this year. All he needs are books, white shirts and his current manuscript. No internet, please.
    3/24/2019 5:04:47 PM
  • How to Find Trustworthy College Admissions Advice

    In the wake of the college admissions scandal, how can students and parents figure out what’s credible?
    3/24/2019 5:04:46 PM
  • Screenland: Ocasio-Cortez Is Finding a New Model for How to Work in Public

    Why try to “rise above” preconceived notions about you when you can harness them?
    3/24/2019 5:04:46 PM
  • Why Lupita Nyong’o’s ‘Us’ Voice Sounds So Creepy

    The story behind one of the year’s most haunting vocal performances.
    3/24/2019 5:04:46 PM
  • A Grand Compromise on Immigration

    A bipartisan deal to bring millions of immigrants out of the shadows, and pay for a secure border.
    3/24/2019 5:04:46 PM
  • The Stone: This Friendship Has Been Digitized

    Do I need to explain to my son that a bot will never have his back?
    3/24/2019 4:15:29 PM
  • Democrats, Awaiting Mueller Report Findings, Vow to Press On With Their Inquiries

    “The job of Congress is much broader than the job of the special counsel,” one top Democrat said as his party and Republicans jostled to set expectations over the report.
    3/24/2019 4:15:29 PM
  • Before Mueller’s Report, President Waged a Two-Year War Against the Trump-Russia Investigations

    President Trump’s efforts have exposed him to accusations of obstruction of justice as Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, finishes his work.
    3/24/2019 3:05:43 PM
  • Russia Dispatch: An Ice Marathon Across a Frozen Russian Lake: ‘I Ran Twice as Fast’

    It is one of the world’s most grueling races, 26 miles over Siberia’s Lake Baikal, amid cracking ice and shifting weather. The race attracts a global cast of athletes who want to test their limits.
    3/24/2019 2:34:59 PM
  • Cruise Ship Stranded Off Norway Limps to Shore After Hundreds Evacuated

    The Viking Sky was carrying more than 1,300 when it sent a mayday alert. After recovering the use of some engines, the ship headed to port, escorted by tugboats.
    3/24/2019 2:14:29 PM
  • Taliban Kill Dozens of Security Forces in Major Strike in Afghanistan

    Two days after the attack, Afghan officials said they still did not have all the details or a death toll, but a lawmaker from the area put the number dead at 65.
    3/24/2019 1:45:46 PM
  • A Kushner Is an N.B.A. Owner

    Joshua Kushner, whose older brother is the son-in-law of President Trump, bought a minority stake in the Memphis Grizzlies earlier this season. Top N.B.A. players have spoken out against Trump.
    3/24/2019 12:36:03 PM
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