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25 Jun back

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  • Gurupreet Kaur crossed the border shortly before her 7th birthday.

    Her mother went to search for water. She would never see her daughter alive again.

    Border Patrol agents found the girl's remains — a tragic end to a journey that began half a world away.

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  • "Germania a aratat ca o sperietoare pe teren, la fel e si pe hartie! Valoarea lotului in comparatie cu cel al Romaniei si cine e cel mai scump jucator ---> https://bit.ly/2RyAceA"

  • "Rezultate Evaluarea Națională (Capacitate) 2019. Ce notă rușinoasă a luat fata cea mică a lui Adi Minune. A făcut toată familia de râs ----> https://bit.ly/2Yb8lUp"

  • "Unul din șefii Mafiei din Napoli tocmai ce a evadat dintr-o închisoare din Uruguay! Metoda genială folosită ---> https://bit.ly/2WWzNE0"

  • "Rezultate Evaluarea Națională (Capacitate) 2019. Cum se depune contestație pentru notă ---> https://bit.ly/2RCbb2j"

  • "A "potentially dangerous" heat wave is forecast to engulf Europe this week."

  • "A top UN official has warned of "serious implications for human rights" in parts of Myanmar after the government shut down mobile data networks."

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