12 jun 2019


12 jun 2019

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  • A drive-through safari park in Florida confirmed that two giraffes were killed instantly by lightning last month cnn.it/2RhUNnH
  • Arctic sinkholes are appearing across the Canadian High Arctic as permafrost -- ice expected to be frozen year-round -- thaws and collapses due to climate change, according to research cnn.it/2IaHgLw
  • "Every goal counts."

    The US Women's World Cup team is defending itself for a humiliating 13-0 victory over Thailand -- the heaviest defeat in World Cup history cnn.it/2IbS5gx
  • Can @liamgallagher make it through a whole hour on @ZoeTheBall 's @BBCRadio2 show without swearing...? 😅
    Full podcast on @BBCSounds . 🎧

  • Even porn sites are calling Hong Kongers out to the streets to protest against a controversial extradition bill cnn.it/2RcQrOn
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  • "It all started when a woman was kicked out of a cab for not wearing a hijab..."

  • "We have never seen anything like this 😳 The USA beat Thailand 13-0 - smashing both the men's and women's World Cup record https://bbc.in/2R6LXc8"

  • "The Ebola outbreak that has infected more than 2,000 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo has now spread outside the country, the World Health Organization has announced. A 5-year-old Congolese boy was diagnosed with the virus in Uganda."

  • ""Many... are dying. Many... are close friends of Jon Stewart's. He's been working on this for years." Rep. Carolyn Maloney weighs in on Jon Stewart's impassioned testimony before Congress in which he called for reauthorization of health care funding for 9/11 first responders. https://cnn.it/2WFeTOw"

  • "10 years ago she found no spaces where women could talk safely about sex. So she started a thriving community."

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